Every year Thierry Landon exhibits in several art venues and galleries in Paris and the provinces. He has already received much recognition and awards, including National Institutions purchasing some of his works.

His clientele, national and international is to be found in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Austria, Monaco...



"The aim of my work is to develop a pictorial language, foremost in using colour, light, texture, though still retaining a figurative expression. Thus I am able to draw on the imagination and personal feelings of the individual viewer, bringing back long forgotten memories."


Born in 1963, Thierry Landon, grew up in Paris, drawing and painting being his main interests.

Later he attends the famous Ecole Boulle in Paris, where he learns the craft of upholstery and qualifies as an interior decorator; a profession, he will practice for a few years.

Under the spell of Colour, he then enrols in l'Ecole Française des Industries Graphiques in Vincennes and becomes a qualified photographic engraver/colourist working for several different printing companies. In 1999, Thierry Landon, takes the decision to go his own way, investing all his energy into painting.


Artistic process

Thierry Landon uses oil painting and his pictorial tendency is contemporary expressive figuration. His volition is to develop a suggestive pictorial language, while preserving a figurative expression, in order to give a major role to color, light and material. He thus allows every one to rely on one’s own imagination to get involved and feel the impressions of an intimate perception, a fragment of life, a rediscovered past emotion.


Thierry Landon paints into a fresh and twitching matter, orchestrated for 80% with a knife, by superimposing the colour layers and sculpting the material. His working method turns away from the rational: he relies on lines to give rise to chromatic values, without any conscious feel, only guided by his impetuous imagination. Contrasted with tawny accented colours, the red, pervasive across most of his paintings, expresses the interior fire tinged with passion and optimism which the artist endeavours to express on the support.

Galerie TL

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